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Our activities are supported by many people. You can join us in many ways for “creating forests”.


Your donations will enable many activities.
Please support us by making an one-time donation, or become a continuing contributor.

For example:
1,000 yen for maintainning “More Trees Forests” of approximately 20㎡ in Japan.
1,000 yen for planting 1 tree in rainforests (“More Trees Forests” abroad).

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Monthly donation

Your continuous support will be very much appreciated for our sustainable activities. Please select the amount and click “Donate” button.

One-time donation

Please make donation once – or more – when convenient. Please select the amount and click “Donate” button.

*When you click the “Donate” button, you will be directed to Syncable check-out page.
*When you wish to discontinue your monthly donation, please contact us at
*Please note that donations from individuals are not eligible for income tax exemption applied to donation in Japan since More Trees is a general corporate association.
*Personal information that we receive will be used solely for More Trees activities, never for any other purposes.


Support for “creating forests” can also come from your purchases of products that utilize the blessings of forests. More Trees offers original items made of domestic timber.

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More Trees regularly sends out a summary of our activities through each tool. Please support us by liking us, following us and sharing our messages.

*SNS, e-mail newsletters and blogs are generally in Japanese. English articles are posted in the news page of this site.

For Corporate Supporters

Our activities are supported by many people. We offer a variety of ways for your corporation to take part in our programs including various donation programs. Many corporations have selected our programs as a part of their social contribution activities.
Please contact us for more information.

Corporate Supporter Program

With the annual supporting member program, corporations can join our activities for a unit of contribution from 50,000 yen. Based on the number of contributions, we offer various member courtesy privileges in supporting More Trees activities.

Donate a Portion of Your Proceeds(donation with purchase/charity events)

Your company may donate a portion of proceeds coming from your products or services. Products and services include any existing ones, not limited to wooden items or forest-related businesses. We also accept donation of proceeds from your corporate events or charity programs.

Carbon Offset

More Trees proudly offers carbon offset services for offsetting CO2 emitted through corporate activities, etc. with “More Trees Forests.”

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