For a society where forests and people coexist


About More Trees

For a society where forests and people coexist

More Trees is a forest conservation organization led by a Japanese musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto. “Connecting cities and forests,” is our keyword; we organize various programs to bring about a society where forests and people live together for generations to come.

Message from Our Representative

Humans have always coexisted with forests. But, where forests collapse, so do civilizations. The forests falling apart around the world seems to forewarn us of the place human civilization is heading towards.
Japan is a country that relies on its abundance of forests which capture CO2, store water, nourish living things, and nurtures oceans. Together, we can pass on the precious forests for the future generations.
More Trees!!

Ryuichi Sakamoto, Representative

Ryuichi Sakamoto,Representative

What We Do

Connecting ities and Forests

We are engaged in forest conservation activities in collaboration with local communities through “More Trees Forests.” We also provide products, services, information, and experiences that carry “blessings of forests” to urban residents. By contributing their thoughts and values given to such products, etc. back to forests, we would like to become a bridge that “connects cities and forests.”

More Trees Activities:Connecting Cities & Forests

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Our activities are supported by many people. You can join us in many ways for “creating forests”.