What We Do

We work for “creating forests.”We work for “creating forests.”

It is not limited to forest conservation activities.
From forests to cities, we deliver products, services, information and experiences.
From cities to forests, we give back the thoughts of people, who receive the values of forest blessings, and economic price for such values.
“Connecting cities and forests” and maintaining the cycle is what we call “creating forests.”

Maintain Forests

More Trees has established “More Trees Forests” at 11 locations in Japan and 2 locations abroad to implement forest conservation activities in collaboration with each local community. The main actor in this process is the people living in the area. We make the best of their forestry technologies and knowledge to achieve forest conservation suitable to each location.

Locations of More Trees Forests

001 Yusuhara-cho, Kochi

001Yusuhara-cho, Kochi

002 Nakatosa-cho, Kochi

002Nakatosa-cho, Kochi

003 Shimokawa-cho, Hokkaido

003Shimokawa-cho, Hokkaido

004 Quirino, Philippine

004Quirino, Philippine

005 Komoro city, Nagano

005Komoro city, Nagano

006 Morotsuka-son, Miyazaki

006Morotsuka-son, Miyazaki

007 Oguni-machi, Kumamoto

007Oguni-machi, Kumamoto

008 Hita city, Oita

008Hita city, Oita

009 Akiha-ku, Niigata

009Akiha-ku, Niigata

010 Sumita-cho, Iwate

010Sumita-cho, Iwate

011 Higashi Shirakawa-mura & Kashimo, Gifu

011Higashi Shirakawa-mura & Kashimo, Gifu

012 Chizu-cho, Tottori

012Chizu-cho, Tottori

013 East Kalimantan, Indonesia

013East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Efforts in Tackling Issues for Japanese ForestsEfforts in Tackling Issues for Japanese Forests

Japan is a forest country, 70% of which is covered by forests. Since planting of Japanese cedars and Japanese cypresses was promoted by the government after WWII, the forest area of Japan (a large part of which consists of the planted forests) increased in the past 100 years. However, the cycle of growing, caring, and adequately cutting down trees and utilizing their materials has not been fully established as originally expected.

Also, due to the country’s declining self-sufficiency rate in timber, forestry has been weakened, cares are not provided, and more forests have been falling behind in performing their inherent functions.

More Trees aims for the recovery of diverse forest functions by achieving healthy forests through maintenance including thinning. We are also working on establishing the cycle to utilize domestic timber while maintaining healthy forests.

Efforts in Solving Forest Issues AbroadEfforts in Solving Forest Issues Abroad

Around the world, forest areas equivalent to 20 tennis courts disappear every 1 second. A particularly alarming issue is the decline of rainforests that support rich biodiversity. Main reasons for the disappearance of rainforests are forest clearing for timber and firewood as well as burning for farmlands as economic efficiency is prioritized. Especially, slash-and-burn land reclamation never ends even though it is illegal since the method requires a low cost. Such practices also cause fire progression leading to a mass forest fire.

In facing such reality, More Trees provides tree planting and maintenance as well as infrastructure such as firebreaks and reservoirs for forest fire prevention.

Official Site of “The Orangutan Forest Restoration Project in Indonesia”

Connect Forests and People

In aiming for people in cities to feel closer to forests, More Trees organizes seminars and events to introduce activities by people who live with and conserve forests, and discuss the status and challenges of forests. We also host tours to visit forests and enjoy “blessings of forests” with five senses.

Deliver Items from Forests

More Trees plans and sells products utilizing domestic timber. Products created in collaboration with designers and local craftsmen include items that you may feel like having next to you in your daily life, or spaces that are comfortable and attractive. The price paid for the value of these items are given back to forest conservation activities.

More Trees Online Store
“TSUMIKI,” designed by an architect Kengo Kuma

Change Air with Forests

More Trees provides forest carbon offset services. CO2 emitted through corporate activities, etc. is offset by “More Trees Forests” absorbing the emissions. Our services enable carbon offset of which the credits are clearly traceable in terms of when, where and how they are generated. Also, the price paid for the service is given back to forest conservation activities.

Other Programs Originating from ForestsOther Programs Originating from Forests

More Trees have been launching many programs originating from forests. LIFE311, an assistance project for areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, is one of them. It helps generate funds to cover the cost of wooden temporary housings built by Sumita-cho, Iwate Prefecture, using local timber.

Official Site of LIFE311

Let’s “More Trees!” with UsLet’s “More Trees!” with Us

Our activities are supported by many people. You can join us in many ways for “creating forests”.